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Serious genealogists are welcome to use  information in our register. Information at our site can be used for private research whitout our permission. But do not forget to inform about the original source.  All information about now living persons are however NOT ALLOWED to be used in any other register without permission in each and all cases according to the law. To copy articles and our register into commercial sites can violate the copyright.

To the right: Qvarfordt Family Coat of Arms. Registred at Swedish Heraldry Society. Copyrights are hold by Hans Qvarfordt, Eskiltuna, Sweden. Constructor and artist is Davor Zovko, Sweden. We have the copyright holders permission to publish this coat of arms at our site.

If you want a special permission to use our genealogist research and be sure to not violate the law, write to us.

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In many countries you can use the tool for translation of the articles in swedish into your language.  You can also link to our site in english “Qvarfordt Family Chronicle” at Google.

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FAMILJEAKTUELLT, Thomas Ek´s   site with over 1.400 posts and members of the Qvarfordt Family. This site is under construktion and will be opend soon.   Until that link to